Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fourth of July

Greetings Cosmic Americans and happy Fourth of July. I found a short piece in the New York Times entitled "The Fourth of July - HOW THE ARMY AND NAVY WILL CELEBRATE IT" This one is from 1864...enjoy.

The arrangements for the celebration of the Fourth of July, by the army and navy, in this vicinity and elsewhere, are progressing rapidly. On Governor's Island, the old headquarters of the Department of the East, a salute will be fired at the usual time, a dress parade may come off if the day is fine, and the Declaration of Independence will not be forgotten. The soldiers of the regular army look forward with joy to the anniversary of the nation's birthday. The navy will honor the occasion by saluting and dressing ship. The magnitude of the war fleet in harbor at present renders it likely that a more picturesque display of bunting was never seen in our harbor than can be witnessed on the coming Fourth. The receiving ship North Carolina, the old razee Savannah, now our local school ship; the steam-frigate Niagara, and 50 sail beside, will contribute to the show. The commandants of the foreign fleet in port will be formally informed by Admiral PAULDING, on the 2d, of the approaching festival, and will fire salutes of course. In San Francisco, Callao, Hong Kong, Spezzia, Rio Janeiro, Queenstown, Lisbon, Alexandria, Southampton, and 20 other commercial rendezvous, such of our naval vessels as have been spared from blockading duty, will fire for the home of the free. It is not improper to say that an experience of four years' cruising in an American man-of-war has proved that no holiday is welcomed with more genuine friendliness, by sailors and soldiers everywhere, than ours.

Have a safe and happy holiday - and don't blow yourself up.



  1. Enjoy your 4th of July, Keith.

    I am a volunteer in the Interpretation Division at Governors Island and can attest to its rich history, both Civil War and otherwise. If you're ever in NYC during the season when the island is open (May-September, usually) i'd be happy to give you the grand tour.

  2. Thanks Keith - if I am in the city and you're available, I will definitely take you up on your offer.