Tuesday, July 17, 2012

David Blight on American Oracle

Greetings Cosmic Americans - In this video, historian David Blight discusses the collision of the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement during the 1950s and 60s - the topic of his latest book, American Oracle. I strongly suggest having a look at this book - I found it interesting to read about the war during the centennial...and how things have (and in some cases) have not changed for the sesquicentennial.



  1. What did you think of American Oracle? Are you going to review it?

    I enjoyed it, although since I had not read all the works Blight discussed, I sometimes found myself at the mercy of his descriptions of them.

  2. I enjoyed the book - but I enjoy everything Blight writes...even though I find myself disagreeing with him at every turn. Funny how that works out, yes?
    At any rate - no plans to review it any time soon. I have so much to do these days (or rather, so much that I should be doing). Maybe sometime in the future.