Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Morgan Freeman and Black History Month

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Well - it is February 1st, which means it is officially Black History Month. I thought I would post Morgan Freeman's comments today because I believe he asks some intriguing questions...namely - why do we relegate a people's history to one month? Isn't Black history American history?

I am very interested in your responses so please feel free to comment. Freeman suggests that we get over racism by no longer talking about it - he wants us to stop referring to one another in terms of race. A bold statement to be sure - but are Americans prepared for this? Or, does our racist past still have a strangle hold on the nation today?



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  1. Thanks for the chance to contemplate this. Black History is American History, but we cannot afford to wait for someone else to tell it. The time spent commemorating during that one month spills over into the rest of the months throughout the year. We do not just think of our heritage only 1/12th of the year.

    We will not ever be able to force the mind of another, but the study and sharing of history will have a lasting influence upon our families and friends. Black History Month is one time many of all races come together to share in our appreciation of the past. People learn a lot during the many social interactions that take place during the month. How else will we move further away from society that does not pray or play together?

    Those who are at the moment embarking on a great undertaking to document African American Civil War ancestors do not carry such bitterness. I do not think any of us want people to forget we are black either :). We should celebrate or differences and come together on common ground. I, for one, have found great joy and solace in the study of my ancestry and Black History. The hard parts of history I have trudged through have only attested to our strength. We are building upon faith, hope, and dreams. There is much that can be learned from our ability in the past to overcome great trial.

    The 2011 theme for Black History Month is "African Americans and the Civil War." You and I have touched on the fact that much of our history remains to be told in this area. I take great comfort that I have even been able to instill in my daughter the importance of building upon the foundation laid by our forebears. As a result I have heard her speak of her sense of duty and responsibility to her forebears. She has a sense of who she is yet still walks in humility.

    This is the true perspective of why we commemorate this month. It is not an occasion to incite one another as this interview depicts.

    See: http://aboutourfreedom.blogspot.com/2011/02/why-is-black-history-month-under-attack.html