Sunday, January 23, 2011

James McPherson, Slavery, State Rights, and Youtube

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I love love love Youtube. Why?? - because you can access all of these wonderful videos for free. I thought I would highlight this one featuring James McPherson because it was short and to the point. He quickly discusses why former Confederates moved away from the slavery cause and toward the state rights cause once the war had been lost.

What I really love is the comment section. Here you have a Pulitzer Prize winning historian, Princeton professor and author of The Battle Cry of Freedom, Antietam: The Crossroads of Freedom, and a number of other books - who some knothead dismisses as an "idiot" because...well, I am not quite sure why. The individual in question is not that coherent.

You know...there are all kinds of people out there who can anonymously shoot their mouth off about whatever they want - no matter how asinine. I suggest heading over to Youtube and checking some of them out. You can pretty much search for any Civil War related topic and something interesting will come up - just be warned that what you say may get some pretty hostile responses. Seriously. I can attest to the crazy factor from experience. I have been called a number of things - from a Yankee liar to...well...much worse.

Whatever - I have decided that knotheads will be knotheads. I do not take the hostility personally (bitter...table for one??). Hehehe

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