Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Featured Blog O' the Week: Dead Confederates

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

As you know...I am always on the lookout for the very best Civil War blogs out there. I do this for three reasons 1) so I can read them (duh) 2) so I can add them to my ever-growing blog roll and 3) so I can share my favorites with Cosmic America readers in a little more detail.

Dead Confederates, deftly authored by Andy Hall is among the best. Just today I read a wonderful piece on the ongoing search for  Black Confederates. Stop by and visit this comprehensive blog - you are quite certain to find many things of interest...some of the topics may even move you to comment, which I also suggest...just because I like that sort of thing.

What I appreciate most about Dead Confederates is the author's candor. I figure I will let him speak for himself in this case:

"I have no use for the Lost Cause. I grew up with it; I learned early on that Grant was a drunk, and Sherman was a monster. The pervasiveness of slavery, which tainted all, was rarely discussed. We were never actually defeated, I was told; “they starved us out.” I don’t think my late-20th-century family actually bought into this foolishness much, but felt obligated to pass it along, as it had been to them. But in my family, at least, it ends with me. There’s far too much good history out there to ignore for the sake of romanticism and hagiography. This blog is my attempt to explore that conflict and its legacy. I hope that readers will not confuse my general irreverence with a lack of seriousness. That would be a mistake, because the Civil War is the most horrific event that’s occurred in this nation’s history. This blog exists as much to clarify my own thinking as it is to inform others, and if my writing here seems muddled and even contradictory at times, that’s because my own thinking on the war — and my own Southern heritage — is a work in progress. As much as anything else, this blog is a chronicle of that process."

So there you go. One of the best in a growing list of excellent resources available to the of charge.




  1. I am regular reader of Andy's blog and I am always impressed.

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  3. I can say that I had an actual family ancestor William Sinclare Booton CSA 8TH Georgia Rome Light Guards died July 3,1863 at Gettysberg,VA. He had to ask and then beg Gen. Tigg Anderson 3 times to go back into battle since he was his Birgade Secretary. W.5. Booton had already been wounded at the battle of 1ST Bull Run.