Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time to Dust Off the Sabres - It's the South Carolina Secessionist Ball

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Well - the countdown is ON! Only a few more days until the Civil War Sesquicentennial activities kick off in earnest. On December 20, 2010, The Confederate Heritage Trust (how official) will hold a Secessionist Ball In Charleston - 150 years to the day after representatives from the great state of South Carolina unanimously voted to leave these United States.

There will be period dancing, food, music, and costumes...all for the low cost of $100! I might just go, but only if I can pay with US currency (in Fives and Fifties, of course).

Yessiree...the only thing missing from this recreation of a glorious Confederate shindig will be...let's see now...oh yes...slaves.

Wait a sec, didn't the Trust mention that? No??? Did that little omission slip through the cracks?? I guess they just didn't want to remind anyone that the state seceded to protect the institution.

Don't worry guys, the NAACP will be there to protest and clue people in on exactly what the war was all about (spoiler alert: it was slavery).

On another note - I have decided to chronicle the commemoration of the war's 150th anniversary from a southern perspective. Being a historian who deals quite a bit with Civil War memory, I should have plenty to write about.

So stay tuned - the real fun is right around the corner...


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