Friday, December 31, 2010

Civil War Sesquicentennial - Lots to do in 2011!

Greetings Cosmic Americans and Happy (almost) 2011!

This upcoming year is going to be jammed packed with Civil War events. But how on earth do you find out what going on? Well, being the hellofa nice guy that I am, I thought I would post a few links to get you started. To begin, The National Park Service site has conveniently posted a listing - state-by-state - of sesquicentennial events.

But that's not all. The states that took part in the Civil War have some sort of Sesquicentennial Commission that host detailed sites providing all the news and info you need to get your Civil War commemoration on sesquicentennial style. To get you going, Here are the sites for Tennessee, Virginia, Missouri, Indiana, and Maine.

If my hunch is right, these events should stir a few embers. From where I sit, the issues of the war are still alive and well. Treason, slavery, oppression, and tyranny are just a few buzz words that you will probably hear alongside the usual suspects such as bravery, fortitude, honor, and heroism.

Whatever your personal politics, I recommend that you attend at least one (if not more) of these events in your state or wherever you happen to be. If anything, you are bound to be educated on just how many differing opinions there are on this momentous period of United States history.

Whether it's the reenactment of Jefferson Davis taking the oath of office as the president of the Confederate States on February 19, 2011 in Montgomery, Alabama or the reenactment of General Benjamin Butler declaring enslaved persons contraband of war at Freedom's Fortress in Hampton, Virginia on May 25th, 2011, you are sure to get an earful from both sides of the Mason-Dixon.

You know what - I'll probably turn up at a few of these. So keep your eyes and ears open. The Cosmic America cameras will be rolling. And yours truly will be posting!



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  1. Just a couple of things. (1) Great blog, glad to find it. (2) The Lincoln impersonator in the left appears to be the same one I encountered at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History during the 2009 inaugural. This picture doesn't do the man justice, though; he's a dead ringer for Lincoln up-close, and has the height and build to boot.