Friday, June 1, 2012

Marilyn, My Marilyn

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Something a little light and refreshing for a late Friday afternoon - and evidence that pretty much everything reminds me (sort of) of some aspect of  the Civil I went to Grauman's Chinese Theater for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's last living birthday (she would be 86). And what do you know, a whole pack of would be Marilyns turned up.

Well, I do not believe that this sort of spectacle is what Robert E. Lee's men had in mind when the marched northward from Virginia in the fall of 1862 singing Maryland, My Maryland - but the fake (some really fake) Marilyns made me think of the tune. In fact, I even whistled a few bars on the short walk from the Chinese back to my house in Hollywood.

You know, dear readers - it can be really fun living here. There is always something interesting to do. Grauman's will be showing Monroe films for the next week...maybe I will catch one or three.

And on Sunday, I promise to talk about something a tad more closely connected to the Civil War. Until then...




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