Saturday, March 10, 2012

John Quincy Marr - A Confederate First

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Months ago, we discussed the death of Elmer Ellsworth, the first officer in the United States Army to fall in combat. The first Confederate to hold such an unfortunate title was a Virginian named John Quincy Marr

From Warrenton, in Fauquier County, Marr graduated from Virginia Military institute in 1846. He originally sought a commission in the United States Army, but eventually returned to Warrenton to the family farm - where he pursued a career in law.

After the Brown raid, he organized a militia unit known as the Warrenton Rifles - what in 1861 became company K of the 17th Virginia Infantry. He had served on the secession commission from Fauquier County, voting against on the April 4 vote but later supporting the April 17 move for secession.

On June 1, 1861, company K was involved in a skirmish with United States cavalry at Fairfax Courthouse. Marr was shot through the heart and killed. The video comes to you courtesy of the Museum of the Confederacy. You can have a look at their other vodcasts by clicking HERE.



NB - while Marr was the first Confederate officer killed in action, Ellsworth still holds the title (if one can call it that) of being the first officer killed in either army. He managed to get shot a week earlier.

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