Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grover Cleveland. Really?

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Technology is a wonderful thing. Yes allows me to track pretty much everything. For example - I can see what Cosmic America readers are looking for, what they entered into their Google searches when they found me, how long they were on the site, where they went when they left, etc...

Here's the thing - I love surprises. And was I surprised when I found out that the Grover Cleveland ranks numero uno for Cosmic America keyword searches. The basic Google search breakdown goes something like this (keyword stats do not include clicks from Facebook, Twitter, or anything of the other components of the Cosmic America social media network) Grover Cleveland ranks at the top with 11.5% of the keyword searches who land at Cosmic America. This may not seem like much, but in relative terms it is sort of interesting. A distant second is John Brown at 5.7% followed closely by Robert E. Lee at 5.4% - the rest...and the searches range from "overweight reenactors" to "Les Tuniques Bleues" hover around 1% each or less.

This is likely the result of one of two things. Either there are tons of people out there searching for information on Grover Cleveland, the first post-war Democrat to be elected and the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms in office -  or  - I am one of the only people who actually write about him in the blogosphere. My vote is for the latter.

I have written about him twice before - and he has his own little section in my upcoming book on Civil War veterans. Not because he served, he didn't. I wrote about him because Union veterans had a few choice words for some of Cleveland's dubious decisions and policies...particularly his purchase of a substitute during the war and his efforts to return captured Confederate colors.

See if you can guess what Union veterans thought about these types of activities.


PS - I closely examine statistical information - math is certainly not my area of expertise...but for some reason I took to statistics in college. Pouring over such numbers helps me adjust the content on this blog.

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  1. We often think of Americans of the past as more conservative, yet Cleveland was a draft dodger with an out of wedlock kid who got elected twice.