Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chat Me Up!

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Introducing the new Cosmic America chat feature.

So - are you sitting at home pondering modernity in the antebellum South? Trying to figure out why Gene Genovese's latest wasn't quite as Marxist as his old stuff? Considering whether or not the war affected change for northern civilians in any measurable way? Are you studying for comps and trying to sort out memory historiography? Or are you just looking for the best taco stand in Hollywood?

Fortune has smiled on you my friends. Periodically throughout the day, I will set aside some time to go one on one with anybody who wishes to do so - or better yet, I can facilitate a group discussion and we can all get to the bottom of whatever issue comes to mind - or at least give it our best shot. Just enter your comments in the chat box to the right and click "go." Of course I will announce designated chat times on Facebook and Twitter. And hey...if I am not around - why not just talk among yourselves? There is always something to talk about. Here...I will get you started:


And the good questions and comments will go straight to Office Hours!



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