Thursday, March 3, 2011

UVAs Finest Hour - Confederate Battle Flag Beer Pong

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Naturally, I am very disappointed by the goings on at my alma mater. I think the University of Virginia is a first-rate school...but I also think some of the students there are knotheads - or at least lack any sense of what is or is not appropriate.

Thanks to my Twitter friend, @EmilyHill_Indie for the heads up on this one. From what I can tell, some UVA law students enjoy the moments away from their rigorous course work to play a little drinking game...set up on a table emblazoned with the Confederate Battle Flag. According to reports and comments on this event, no one is sure as to whether or not it was law students or fraternity boys playing this game and then imbibing the "rebellious" adult beverages. I don't think it really matters.

It just seems to me that those who attend a University with more than its share of racist baggage (I have heard of frat members hiring local black children to pick "cotton" in front of their houses during rush week and black-face performances at fraternity parties) should think carefully before dragging out Confederate symbols.

You know boys, that flag is profoundly offensive to a great many people in this country. So put it away. Show a little sensitivity. Besides - aren't finals coming up or something? Don't you have a paper due? Why are you playing beer pong anyway?



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