Monday, March 28, 2011

Civil War Sesquicentennial on Facebook

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Social media are proving once again to be an invaluable source for those seeking to engage in some good 'ole Civil War style commemorative activity. For me, it's Twitter. I have been spending more and more time there these days. As a result, the Cosmic America Facebook "fan" page has been sadly neglected. So I revisited the page yesterday afternoon and did a little poking around. I had no idea - but lots of organizations and states promoting sesquicentennial activities are on Facebook! Go figure.

For example - take the Civil War Sesquicentennial Network. It is actually a pretty good spot to get up to date on local and national commemorative events - especially if you are interested on the goings on around the country coupled with peoples' contributions/opinions in comment form. Indeed, there are a varied group who comment on this fan is (in my humble opinion) and intriguing window into the twenty-first century commemorative spirit. The war is alive and well my friends 150 years ex post facto. You might as well get used to it.

So now I am closely following all of the state pages. Have a look at Virginia's. It is an excellent springboard to some of the most salient Civil War commemorative issues. From there I highly recommend linking to all of the other state pages. You will find links to news articles, events, and the offerings of all sorts of Civil War enthusiasts.

I will be spending a little more time on these pages, and of course, reporting right here.



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