Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Election of 1868 - Campaign Posters

The campaign posters for the Democratic nominee Horatio Seymour and the Republican nominee Ulysses S. Grant in the 1868 presidential contest show remarkable similarities. But there are a few significant difference as well - care to give them a shot?



  1. I think the obvious difference is the Republican invoke wartime images, the Democrats peace. The implication in making Constitutional Government a main point in the Democratic poster is that their opponents do not-so there Reconstruction! I think a subtle and more interesting difference--justice is blind in the Republicans poster and not in the democrats poster. An illusion to race perhaps and "justice for all." From the perceptive of gender, the female images are stronger--literally, more buff--in the Republican poster.

  2. Grant couldn't hire a better portraitist?

  3. Other than the color to black and white posters? Or do you mean the "of New York" and "of Missouri" under the Democratics names? Also, the military connection with Grant's poster is so different from the hands on the plow and the hammer of Seymour. But the red, white and blue with the stars around Grant's name has the desired look. :)