Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bibliophiles Unite! I like this game.

Avid readers, book nerds, and just regular geeks should enjoy this game. The rules are simple: I Instagram a shot of some text from a book that I am currently reading, post it to Twitter, and you guess what it is. Sound like a tall order? Don't fret. There will be plenty of hints on my Twitter feed. Get the answer correct and I will give you a shout out right here on Cosmic America. The book pictured is The Mind of the Master Class: History and Faith in the Southern Slaveholders' Worldview by Eugene Genovese and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. Congrats to @BobRBogle for getting it right. Nice work, Bob!


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  1. Sounds good.

    I have never tried online dating, but I once for a lark responded to an ad for a matchmaking site that promised to match me with a woman based on a list of the last ten books I had read. I truthfully wrote them down. Apparently the nearest living female who matched my taste in books was in North Carolina.