Thursday, November 1, 2012

Historicize Responsibly

This morning, Brooks Simpson posted this image at Crossroads - courtesy of Kevin Jackson, the self- appointed spokesperson for African-American conservatives. There are so many things wrong with the image's message that I am not sure where to begin. I'll just start by saying that when 21st century politicos try to draw analogies to 19th century (or any other period) historical events, they should really try doing a little reading first. And for the record, I am not attacking the GOP, so those of you who think so can relax. I am attacking bad history.



  1. So I must admit, I am a little confused, and it may be because of how incorrect this is. Is Jackson implying that all Union soldiers were Republicans and all Confederates were Democrats?

  2. I think the "bad" history lesson started with another political ad/campaign. SO this is a "follow up" with more history skewed.
    I don't think the 54th Masss. or 110th USCT ever worried about political party affilation when attacking Battery Wagner, or Petersburg.
    Politcal ads that go back further than 10 years in history, dem or GOP, should be banned. They twist history, and then you have misinformed people, or people who can't remember their basic studies from primary and high schools ASSUMING the history is correct.

  3. Reminds me of the pre-911 warning about Democratic Wars as though Republicans would have just shrugged off Pearl Harbor.