Sunday, August 28, 2011

Confederate Veterans at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

After years of living Los Angeles - within blocks of Hollywood Forever Cemetery, I thought it would be a good idea to find their Confederate monument. Here, surrounding a modest monument to the soldiers of the Confederate Army, one can find the graves of about 30 Rebel soldiers together with a handful of United Daughters of the Confederacy. From what I understand, each year the Daughters hold a memorial exercise near the monument - I have to find out when it I can show up and record it for posterity. I mean...stuff like this needs to be seen by the rest of the world.

Anyway, when I was looking into this monument this morning, I found out that the Sons of Confederate Veterans had issued a "Heritage Violation" against Hollywood Forever for disallowing the placement of Confederate flags on these Rebel graves. Here is the blog post - attacking those pesky "liberals" and demanding satisfaction. Whatever.

Still, it got me thinking. What exactly is a Heritage Violation and how does one go about getting one? Well, I checked with the Sons of Confederate Veterans General Headquarters website and found out "Any attack upon Confederate Heritage, or the flags, monuments, and symbols which represent it, can be termed a Heritage Violation." Well - I suppose that I need to be careful then. It seems that I may already have committed several of these right here on Cosmic America. Maybe even leaning (as pictured above) on a Rebel monument with such affected nonchalance could be a violation. I'll have to check into it.

My SCV friends will need to report me as soon as possible, according to the rules and regulations - because "The more time which passes between a heritage violation and any SCV response, the less likely we [the UCV]are to be successful in correcting the situation."

If you really feel the need to report me - you can do so by following these instructions. At any rate - I had a good time today checking out how much Los Angeles has to offer in terms of Civil War history - there is more here than you might think. We have a major street named after General Rosecrans and everything! And in the end - my own Confederate ancestors would be thrilled that I live so close to a Rebel monument. I even saw a few Alabama soldiers there!

I also understand the the great city of Pasadena has a Civil War monument. I think that will be my next stop. See you then!



  1. Hi Keith!

    I think there may be an interesting story here. Going to the blog link I see that Jay Boileau from the cemetery posted a reply stating that the cemetery did NOT have a policy forbidding Confederate flags. Is that correct? I also find it interesting that some of the markers are UCV (United Confederate Veterans) markers and some appear to be US government (Veterans Administration) markers. Why do you suppose both types are there? (The graves appear to be of roughly the same vintage).

    I googled the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and it appears that they show movies in the cemetery. Only in Hollywood!

    I'm actually a SCV member, and while I don't support the activities of the lunatic fringe members of the group, I think that preserving and protecting Confederate graves and monuments is a legitimate and commendable function they provide.

    Finally, I think you might be interested in this :

  2. Thanks Dave - I certainly don't want people to think that all SCV guys are whackjobs. I guess every group has its share! But you have to admit - some of those neo-Rebs make easy targets for ridicule. Thanks for the note. If you are ever in Hollywood, look me up. I will give you a personal tour of the cemetery.

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  4. Whattaya know about the Civil War mems at Rose Hills?
    Yeah - I know ALL about'em...

  5. Bob, thanks for the comment. I do not know much at all about the vets buried at Rose Hills - but I am very interested to learn about them.