Friday, July 8, 2011

Can You Freakin' Believe It?

Well, yes...according to the Mac "genius," the hard drives on Macbooks have a 100% failure rate. Like death and taxes, one can depend on it. It is simply a matter of time. Alas, the time came for my, until now, trusty laptop. Rest in peace old friend.

And so many of the pictures and videos that I painstakenly collected on my recent trip to Gettysburg are now lost to the ages. Bummer.

Fortunately, I saved a fair number of these nuggets on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube so I still have something to work with.

The Civil War Institue conference debriefing will indeed follow shortly - once I have installed some new and improved software on my poor shell of a computer.

So stay tuned my friends. I do not expect to be blogging from my iPhone for much longer. At least a valuable lesson was learned. Back up your files people. I had not - and I lost years of work AND my iTunes collection.

So, as I contemplate the rebuilding of my complete Leonard Cohen catalogue, I leave you with this: I am sure glad that I managed to put a few important documents on book manuscripts and such. Sheesh - that loss might have pushed me over the edge!


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