Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Things Are Just Hard To Ignore

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Thanks to my friend Scott for alerting me to this photograph. I am not really sure quite what to say, except that I found myself compelled to share it with my readers.

So let's see what we have here. Star Wars Stormtroopers and other Imperial soldiers, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Some Ghostbusters, and Captain Jack Sparrow. Did I miss anyone..? Oh yes, what appears to be a small company of Union Civil War soldiers.

All I know is that this must have been one hell of a convention. If anybody out there knows what this is, please tell me - because I am definitely going next year.

In the meantime - I welcome all comments, critiques, explanations, good jokes, whatever.



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  1. According to the NPR website, downtown Columbus, Ohio, hosted a toy show and a Civil War re-enactment on the same day. Attendees of the former, it seems, drifted over to the State Capitol grounds where the latter had gathered. The rest is, they say, history.

    In light of this, perhaps we should re-evaluate the Empire from "Star Wars". Former rebels turned historians described the Galactic Civil War as "The War of Jedi Aggression" whereby the Empire tried to oppress them. They cite galactic tariff policy and infringement of planetary rights as evidence of this. Most ridiculously, they say Lincoln shot first. Most scholars disagree, arguing that most citizens of the Empire believed in its mission as the "last best hope for the Universe."