Friday, April 1, 2011

On To Richmond! Sesquicentennial Event Calendar

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

I am always up for a plug! So here you go. Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and Emancipation, The On To Richmond! folks have put together a first-rate website - complete with a calendar section to fill you in on all the sesquicentennial goings-on over the next few years.

I suppose I could go on about the site and post the links myself - but they have already done a mighty fine I took the liberty of copying this straight from On To Richmond!

"Few areas of the United States were affected like the Richmond Region. Richmond was “ground zero” during the Civil War -- the capital of the Confederacy and the scene of several major battles. The Richmond Region became the backdrop for a multitude of historical events that changed the face of our nation.

We invite you to visit our beautiful Virginia Civil War sites , museums, historic homes, battlefield parks, cemeteries, slave-trade sites, and interpretive trails and walking tours . Enjoy some of America’s most authentic and compelling historical experiences -- in a modern destination with world-class dining, lodging, shopping and entertainment. Start planning your trip today!"

This is worth a look my friends - Richmond should be a hotbed of sesquicentennial activity for the next few years. If you are in the area - you won't want to miss the fun. Of course, I will expect a full report. You know I am all about the experience - and I can't always get to Richmond. So if you find yourself at something and you think I need to know about it - by all means...fill me in.



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