Friday, October 12, 2012

Winter Quarters

You have to hand it to Civil War soldiers. They could be pretty resourceful when they had to. As you all surely know, active campaigning, more often than not, took place during Spring and Summer - when snow and ice was not busy fouling everyone's good time. During the winter months, armies would set up elaborate winter camps and build semi-permanent structures using whatever they could find. Pictured is a mighty fine example of an officer's hut near Brandy Station - with a chimney, log walls, and a pitched roof stretched from what appears to be a tent. They even have a sidewalk out front.

This place is nicer than my first apartment. Huzzah!



  1. Keith - Bet there wasn't a security deposit either :-)

  2. Absolutely LOVE that area around Brandy Station. Standing on Fleetwood, I can picture the fighting. And, I can picture the encampments as well. This shack would keep it warm, for sure.