Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Carol Burnett's Take on Gone With the Wind

Long ago - the 1970s I think, the American television viewing public found Carol Burnett amusing. She had her own ensemble cast variety show and everything. Well, here is her lampoon of Gone With the Wind, which from what I understand, was one of her most well-received. The skit features a very annoying (and white) Prissy character. Perhaps Burnett did not want to offend her viewers by including a black slave in her comical recreation the Old South, so she had a white servant affect the mannerisms of what is quite clearly a caricatured simple-minded plantation house worker (much like the original Prissy - just more irritating this time). I remember the show from the 70s and I do not recall an African American cast member, so I suppose that explains the obvious race issue - but the over-the-top antics? And where is Mammy? At least her character - while also a conventional portrayal of a black servant - had depth and complexity.


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  1. Second part of this bit here, including the classic dress scene: