Monday, June 27, 2011

Civil War Institute Conference Day One is in the Books - Day Two Under Way

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

Day two of the CWI conference is officially under way - this is jsut a quick post before I head to the next talk - this morning we heard from historian Jason Phillips on Civil War soldiers in 1861 and their prophetic imaginations - it turns out (according to Jason) that they didn't necessarily expect a short war after for thought, anyway. But I am not sure I agree. At any rate, the topic is certainly worth further examination.

Last night, we heard from Peter Carmichael regarding the first year of the war. Pete's talk was among the most dynamic and engaging that I have ever heard - if you ever get a chance to hear him all means, take it! You can check out snippets from his discussion by going to my Youtube page - I will post segments from all the daily talks each night of the conference, so check back regularly. And of course, stay up to the minute by searching the #cwi150 hashtag on Twitter and following me on Facebook.


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