Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smithsonian Magazine and the Best Civil War Facial Hair

Greetings Cosmic Americans!

I am back and addressing one of my favorite subjects. That's right, the ever pressing issue of whiskers. I honestly do not believe that there is enough scholarship on this compelling topic. Perhaps, somewhere out there, an ambitious graduate student looking for just the right thing will read this and get down to business. I will look forward to that person's book.

But until then, Smithsonian Magazine ran a piece on Civil War facial hair that I thought worthy of a brief post. Thanks to my old friend Jedd (he's not so old...I just mean we have been friends for a long time) for pointing this out - he knows that I have gotten a lot of traction from other beard-related stories so I really appreciate the heads up.

So - if you too are intrigued by the various whisker stylings of the mid-nineteenth century, I encourage you to go to the Smithsonian website and vote for your favorite. I voted for George Crook...but that's just me. I would not want to influence your decision at all....



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